About Us.

Where songs of valor are sung… even today
Where worthy lives are lived… even today
Where arts and culture of yore are preserved…even today
Where sonnets sung brings tears to th e eyes…even today

We are the pride of the nation and value our art, culture, tradition and language. Down the ages and even today people the world over sing praises of the likes of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and our saints who sacrificed their lives to the cause of the nation! Tales of bravery and piety of men like these are handed down the generations. It is to them that the credit goes of inculcating and preserving a culture, tradition and language we have come to identify, admire and revere.

This soil gave rise to a unique and typical style of construction known as the Maratha architecture that was put together by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj thereon matured till the Peshwa era…! We feel proud to mention that “Dhepe Wada” is the only new structure built in the last 200 years which is based on this unique Maratha architecture!

An element of unique culture found nowhere else but here is the “Wada” culture. It is one place most Maharashtrians have experienced life at some point and enjoyed it immensely! Simple, earthy….yet throbbing with energy and enthusiasm, it would have many families living together for generations in perfect harmony.

Rapid changes in contemporary living almost brought this beautiful and meaningful life-style to an end. Our untiring efforts, spread over four years has borne fruits. Dhepe Wada, reminiscent of times long gone past has contemporary features giving it relevance even today! It is here that you get to admire the richness of our culture!

With the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corp’s acknowledgement, this is also a recognized tourist destination!

Come, experience an integral part of this culture! This is where our roots lie.

From the bottom of our hearts we at Dhepe Wada welcome you with friend’s n’ family to stay with us in typical maharashtrian hospitality known for its love, taste and sincerity!

Mr. Nitin Dhepe and Mrs. Rucha Dhepe

Mahadwar of Dhepe wada
Marraige decoaration
Dinning area @ Dhepe wada