7 Hours for
Small Functions

Package timing :- 9 am - 4 pm

अ.क्र.व्यवस्थादर (रु)जी. एस. टी
१)सामाईक बैठक व्यवस्थेसह अमर्यादीत सकाळचा नाष्टा, दुपारचे
भोजन व चहा नाष्टा समाविष्ट
१,१००/- प्रति व्यक्ती५ %
२)सामाईक बैठक व्यवस्थेसह अमर्यादीत दुपारचे भोजन व चहा नाष्टा समाविष्ट९५०/- प्रति व्यक्ती५ %
३)वाड्यातील खोल्यांचे भाडे३,०००/- प्रति खोली१२ %
४)दिवाणखाना (२ तासांसाठी राखीव) भाडे५,०००/-१२ %
*** ह्या पॅकेजचे अॅडव्हान्स बुकिंग फक्त ३० दिवस आधी घेतले जाईल ***
*** आपल्या समारंभाच्यावेळी वाड्यात इतर पर्यटक असतील ***

Other Details :- :-

  • Dhepewada is situated 38 kms from chandani chowk and 40 kms from kamshet phata on old Mumbai pune highway.
  • Vegetarian food provision are made at our cafeteria  ‘Uder bharan’ with buffet System. breakfast time will be up to 10 Am and Lunch time will be up to 2:30 Pm.
  • If required we will arrange lunch / dinner for senior citizens on ground floor.
  • We have fix menu but menu choice will be given in case of a group of 50 or more people.
  • Along with you other tourist groups will also be enjoying dhepewada.
  • Please confirm your booking by paying the booking amount in the name of Chandrasheel Landmarks, IDBI Bank Account Number - 588102000003780 (IFSC code -IBKL0000588) through your Paytm/ Google pay/ Bhim app/ Net banking/Cash deposit / R.T.G.S. accounts.
  • To know more about dhepewada packages please visit our website www.dhepewada.com you can also search ‘dhepewada’ on Google or Youtube.
  • Free entry to dhepewada is restricted its necessary to book your tour in advance to get the entry.
  • Terms and conditions applicable.

Dhepe wada wedding
Wedding Decoration at Dhepewada
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